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Webpage Design

Small Business?   Sole Trader?  We're just who you need if you want a foot in the cyber door.

We strive to make your business face the challenges in the world of ever increasing demand among web users. We will tailor-make every site to the individual client's need and we approach each 'job' in the same manner whether it has 4 pages or 40 pages.

We offer personalized services to better understand your needs and goals. Our target is to provide custom and affordable web site design, maintenance and hosting services with no compromise on quality.

We can help you with e-commerce solutions if you have a product or service to sell. We can also help you with search engine optimisation to ensure your best chance of being listed among the first of your key sector by the main search engines.

The practical process for you, as a client, to get a webpage or website created: How the website can be built depends in part on where you live because of travelling considerations. If you are based in central London it's obviously easy to set up meetings as necessary.

In the more likely event that you live further away it would be possible to communicate the information by post, email and/or the telephone or by using a free chat service such as Skype which also permits the sending of data files.

I would recommend that at an early step it might be wise to determine the keywords which will attract those using search engines to find your site and to get the domain name registered. Once the domain name is registered a 'site under construction' page can be uploaded which will give the search engines such as Google, MSN, Altavista and others time to find and index your site, assuming that you have no objection to users seeing your site before it is finally finished. At that stage it will also be possible for you to view what has been set up. This can be done while communicating by 'phone, email or Skype so that minor changes can be discussed and put into place straight away and the results seen in less than a minute.

Payment can be arranged by discussion but broadly speaking would be on an instalment basis. This enables you to get results without committing yourself to spending more than you can afford and also ensures that you pay only for what you are satisfied with.

Websites conceived, designed and developed (which include the first efforts) : Sites developed and maintained:
www.unitedeurobridge.org www.glissando.org
www.avenuesfm.com www.piersbutler.com
www.birthwisdom.org.uk www.venturecentre.org.uk*
  *since taken over