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Software Systems Design and Development

Software development, apart from Web based software, is incidental to our main activities. A look, however, at experience in this field should satisfy the viewer that we have expertise in software ranging from use of high level languages to machine oriented programs such as computer emulation.

Systems developed over many years' experience include:

Many of these systems have been written using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, are fully compatible with other office applications (such as Excel or Word) and can Include web pages.

Your organisation:
You may be part of a small to medium sized organisation and have become accustomed to word processing and the use of spreadsheets to create lists, sort information and do simple calculations. Your organisation may have reached a point where it would make sense to integrate some of the processes so that data is not duplicated. You may be unaware of the extent to which a system created or adapted for your organisation can save time, reduce errors, provide better and more timely information and thus save you money.

How to make your work simpler
:Access with Visual Basic provides a means to quickly build systems for small organisations and can be developed in conjunction with users as their needs change. This approach can keep down the initial cost and enable users who are not familiar with off the shelf solutions to progress to automated secured and regulated systems for dealing with most of their day to day requirements. The Access solutions can also be dovetailed into other packages such as those for nominal ledger and payroll so that the duplication of data can be minimised and overall control maintained throughout the system. Systems which I have developed normally have most of the documentation contained within them in the form mainly of help and description pages, and the Visual Basic code is structured and described in such a way as to make it maintainable by any experienced programmer.