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  PC Repair and Maintenance

We are a small company specialising in affordable computer repair and maintenance for home PC users and small businesses in and around central London. We have built up a loyal and dedicated customer base. Our services range from computer repair, upgrading, servicing, networking, internet and data recovery to name but a few, all at a price to suit your needs.

For quotes or advice, ring us on 0207 373 3101 or email us at support@unitedurobridge.org

What We Offer

  • PC maintenance and repair – upgrades, hardware related issues
  • Data Recovery – store, retrieve and backup important data on or off-line
  • Hardware/Software–

We specialise in computer repair and maintenance. we offer home PC users and small businesses, PC maintenance and computer repair in and around central London.

Not only do we offer excellent computer repair service but we also offer a great data recovery service.

We are available at a time when the other support companies are not trading, so we work when its convenient for our customers . you do not have to disaemble your PC, unplug the components, transport them, or even queue up. We repair, service, or upgrade your PC at your home or business.

We offer low affordable prices and take pride in providing a better and inexpensive service than most big retailers.

We believe in quality service, that will satisfy our customer without breaking the bank! We deal with most computer related problems that you may come across.

Our service includes General computer repair, Internet or email problems, hardware upgrades, software installation, virus protection and data recovery.

We give you honest advice

As many organizations become increasingly dependent on Information Technology, computer systems are now essential to the daily running of their business, and the cost of being deprived of such systems can be dramatic. It is therefore imperative that provision is made to minimize the effects of computer downtime.

You need to have total confidence in both your IT systems and the people who look after them. You need to be certain they have the resources and the ability to keep your systems in first class condition - and their staff are competent, experienced and fully trained, with administrative procedures and quality controls that are totally dependable.

We have been in the trade for over five years now

We take pride in, knowing our customers needs.

We also provide a custom built computers service.

Our NO-FIX-NO-FEE policy means that there will be nothing to pay if we can not fix your problem. We do not charge a callouts fee of any kind.

We offer excellent Data Recovery Services at a very competitive prices.

We achieve excellent rates for data recovery including but not limited to the following situations:

  • Computer won't boot
  • Formatted hard drive
  • Hard disk drive component failure
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Virus attack
  • Corrupt files/data
  • Clicking/whirring noises
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions.

Full System crashes
Your computer will not boot, there are error messages, it will only boot in safe mode. These are common problems and our engineers are experienced in finding the cause and applying the solutions to solve these problems.

Internet Setup
We would be happy to install your modem, set up a connection to the Internet or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be experiencing.

Hardware Installation
We install motherboards, memory, hard drives, power supplies, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD players, floppy drives, etc. We can supply the item or we can install components which you have bought.

Anti-Virus Service
Virus problems can be amongst the hardest to deal with. You will need professional help to remove the virus and to minimize the damage it can do to your system.

Networking Issues
Our engineers are experienced in setting up and configuring networks and in correcting network problems. We can help you with anything from two to twenty plus computer network.

Software Problems
Are you having problems installing certain software or perhaps you have installed something which has had unexpected side effects? We can help with your software problems.

We also understand that time is just as important to you as it is to us, that is why we offer the additional service of providing onsite support where it is needed most. We will do our best to get an engineer out to you the same day or in less than 24 hours from the time of your call.