We have access to the services of a a UKCP registered psychotherapist in private practice offering long and short-term psychotherapy and counselling to individuals and couples. She is experienced in working with:

The Philosophy

"To know oneself is to foresee oneself; to foresee oneself amounts to playing a part"     -     Valery

It takes courage to enter therapy. It is through the difficult task of questioning and coming to terms with the way we live our lives that we are able to begin to heal and change. The therapeutic relationship offers a client the unique opportunity of experiencing, in a safe setting, both the positive and negative dynamics that exist or have existed in their lives. The safety of this relationship allows a client to realise their nature of interaction in the world and some unhealthy and dissatisfying patterns can be uncovered. By acknowledging responsibility for maintaining such patterns and recognising and forgiving imperfections, a client can embark upon a journey of making healthier, more satisfying choices. This challenging, rewarding process ultimately leads to a vastly increased sense of well-being and freedom.